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Canale Musica RecSando - "Il canale musica della Rete Civica di San Donato Milanese"

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PETER GABRIEL - February 1977 ("Car")
The Band: Gabriel: voices, keyboard, flute, recorder
Allan Schwartzberg: drums
Tony Levin: bass, tuba
Jim Maelem: percussion.
Steve Hunter: guitars
Fripp: electric & classical guitar, banjo
Jozef Chirowski: keyboards
Larry Fast: synthesizers
Dick Wagner: backing vocals, solo guitar

PETER GABRIEL - June 1978 ("Slash" or "Scratch")
The Band: Peter Gabriel: vocals, piano, synthesizer, Bayete keyboards
Roy Bittan: keyboards
Jerry Marotta: drums
Tony Levin: bass
Sid McGinnis: guitars
Robert Fripp: guitars, Frippertronics
Larry Fast: synthesizers
Timmy Capello: saxophone
George Marge: recorders

PETER GABRIEL - May 1980 ("Melt")
The Band: Gabriel: vocals, piano, synthesizers
Phil Collins: Drums
Jerry Marotta: drums, percussion
Morris Pert: percussion
John Giblin: bass
Larry Fast: bass synthesizer
Tony Levin: stick bass
Dick Morrisey: saxophone
David Rhodes, Paul Weller, Robert Fripp, Dave Gregory: guitars
David Rhodes, Kate Bush: backing vocals

PETER GABRIEL - September 1982 ("Security")
The Band: Gabriel: vocals, CMI, Linn programming, drums, Prophet, backing
vocals, vocal noises
Jerry Marotta: drums
Tony Levin: bass, stick, fretless bass
Larry Fast: Moog, Moog bass, and electronic percussion, Prophet
David Rhodes: guitar, backing vocals
John Ellis: guitars, backing vocals
Roberto Laneri: treated sax
Morris Pert: percussion

The Band: Jerry Marotta, Manu Katche': Drums
Chris Hughes: Linn Programming
Stewart Copeland: Hi-Hat, Drums
Tony Levin, Larry Klein, Bill Lawsell: Bass
David Rhodes, Daniel Lanois, Nile Rodgers: Guitar
Peter Gabriel: Piano, CMI, Prophet
Richard Tee: Piano
Kate Bush: Guest Vox in "Don't Give Up"
Simon Clark: Chorus CS80
Wayne Jackson: Trumpet
Mark Rivera: Saxophone
Don Mikkelsen: Trombone
P.P. Arnold, Coral Gordon, Dee Lewis, Michael Been,
Peter Gabriel, Jim Kerr, David Rhodes: Backing Vocals
Laurie Anderson: Vocal in "This Is The Picture
L. Shankar: Violin

1. The feeling Begins
Octabans, Surdu, Skins Manny Elias (ME)
Finger Cymbals, Tablas, Dufs Hossam Razmy (HR)
Synthesizers, Shakers, Skins, Surdu Peter Gabriel (PG)
Drone Mix David Bottrill (DB)
Guitar David Rhodes (DR)
Double Violin L Shankar (LS)
Armernian Doudouk Vatche Housepian
Antranik Askarian

(the Doudouk is playing an Armenian melody; ' The Wind Subsides ' )

2. Gethsemane
Flute Samples, Flute, Voices PG

3. Of These, Hope
Talking Drum Massambla Dlop (MD)
Bass, Percussion, Flute, Whistle, Prophet5 PG
Double Violin LS
Guitar DR
Arghul Drone Mustafa Abdel Aziz (MAA)

4. Lazarus Raised
Kurdish Duduk and Tenbur The Band Unknown
Guitars DR
Piano Akai S900 PG

(this piece incorporates a traditional melody from Kurdistan telling
of the unhappy love a young girl for Bave Seyro, a legendary warrior)

5. Of These, Hope - Reprise
same as 3, with
Vocals Baaba Maal
Additional Percussion Fatala

6. In Doubt
Audioframe, Fairlight Samples, Vocals PG
Kementche' MTZ

7. A Different Drum
Percussion Loop - Four Bars Doudou N'Daiye Rose
Percussion Loop - Three bars Fatala
Surdu, Percussion, Audioframe, Prophet5, Vox PG
Double Violin LS
Backing Vocals David Sancious (DS)

8. Zaar
Tambourines, Dufs, Tabla, Finger Cymbals, Triangle HR
Surdu, Additional Percussion, Audioframe, Piano, Voice PG
Bass Nathan East (NE)
Guitar DR
Kementche' MTZ
Double Violin LS

(this was written around a traditional Egyptian rhythm performed
to fend off evil spirits)

9. Troubled
Drums and Percussion Bill Cobham (BC)
Finger Cymbals HR
Percussion, Fairlight, Emulator, Backing Vocals PG
Backing Vocals DS

10. Open
Double Violin, Vocals LS
Prophet5, Piano Akai S900, Vocals PG

(Based on an improvisation by LS and PG)

11. Before Night Falls
Finger Cymbals, Dufs, Tabla HR
Ney Flute Kudsi Erguner

(the Ney Flute is playing a traditional Armenian melody)

12. With This Love
Oboe, Coranglis Robin Canter
Double Violin LS
Akai S900 DS
Audioframe, Fairlight, Piano, Prophet5 PG
Synthesizer Arrangement DS, PG

13. Sandstorm
Moroccan Percussions & Vocals Location Recording
Surdu, Tabla, Tambourine Dufs, Mazhar HR
Additional Percussion Manu Katche'
Kementche' MTZ
Double Violin LS
Fairlight PG

14. Stigmata
Kementche' MTZ
Prophet5, Voice PG

(based on an improvisation by MTZ and PG)

15. Passion
Brazilian Percussion Djalma Correa
Trumpet John Hassell
Prophet5, Akai S900, Fairlight, Voice PG
Qawwali Voice Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Double Violin LS
Voice Yassou N'Dour
Choirboy Julian Wilkins

16. With This Love - Choir
Coranglis Robin Canter
Choir Recording Richard Evans

17. Wall of Breath
Turkish Ney Flute Kudsi Erguner
Double Violin LS
Arghul Musicians Du Nil
Ebow Guitar DR
Synthesizers PG

18. The Promise of Shadows
Drum Kit BC
Lead Tambourine DB
Emulator, Prophet5, Additional Perc., Audiofr. PG
Guitar DR

19. Disturbed
Surdu, Tabla HR
Percussion Loop MAA
Said Mohammed Aly
African Percussion Fatala
Double Violin LS
Fairlight, Prophet5 PG

20. It Is Accomplished
Drums, Tambourine BC
Tambourine 2, Distorted Slide DB
Bass NE
Arghul Drone MAA
Steinberger Guitar DR
Hammond Organ DS
Doholla, Additional Perc., Roland D-50, Piano,
Prophet5, Voice PG

21. Bread and Wine
Contrabass, Prophet5, Voice PG
Ebow Guitar DR
Tin Whistle Richard Evans
Double Violin LS

Musicians from Pakistan, India, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Bahrain,
New Guinea, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana.


1.Come Talk To Me
Drums:Manu Katchè
Sabar Drums: The Bacarar Faye Drummers
Drum Loop: Doudou N'Diaye Rose
Programming: David Bottrill
Bass (Chorus): Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes
Shaker Guitar (Telecaster) and additional vocals: Daniel Lanois
Additional Verse Keyboards: Richard Blair
Bagpipes: Chris Ormston
Doudouk: Levon Minassian
Vocals: Sinead O' Connor, Dimitri Pokvrosky Ensemble
Programming, Triangle, Keyboards, Bass, Keys: PG

2. Love To Be Loved
Electronic Drums: Manu Katchè
Tabla:Hossam Ramzy
Hand Drum: Daryl Johnson
Programming: William Orbit, David Bottrill
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar (Stratocaster): Bill Dillon
Additional Keys: Brian Eno
Violin: Shankar
Cello: Caroline Lavelle
Percussion, Programming, Keys, Valiha: PG
String Arrangements: Will Malone,Caroline Lavelle, Johnny Dollar
Additional Engineering by Richard Evans

3.Blood Of Eden
Bass: Tony Levin
Programming: David Bottrill
Additional Programming:Richard Blair
Hi Hat: Daniel Lanois
12 String Guitar: David Rhodes
Bridge Guitar: Guis Isidore
Violin: Shankar
Doudouk: Levon Minassian
Vocals: Sinead O' Connor, Daniel Lanois
Keyboards, Bass, Keys: PG
Bridge Section from a mix by Richard Chappell

Electronic Drums: Manu Katchè
Programming: David Bottrill, Richard Blair
Sabar Drums: The Bacarar Faye Drummers
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitar and solo : David Rhodes
Guitar (epiphone): Leo Nocentelli
Tenor Saxophone: Reggie Houston
Trombone: Renard Poche
Horn Arrangements: PG and Daniel Lanois
Keys, Perscussion: PG

5.Only Us
Electronic Drums: Manu Katchè
Programming:Richard Blair
Additional Programming:David Bottrill,William Orbit
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar (Telecaster): Bill Dillon
Ney Flute: Kudsi Erguner
Violin: Shankar
Vocals: Ayub Ogada
Keys: PG

6. Washing Of The Water
Drums:Manu Katchè
Bass: Tony Levin
Tenor Saxophone:Tim Green
Baritone Saxophone: Reggie Houston
Trombone: Renard Poche
Cello: Caroline Lavelle
Keys: PG
Horn Arrangements: Malcom Burn
String Arrangement: Will Malone, Johnny Dollar
Horn recorded by Mark Howard

7. Digging In The Dirt
Drums:Manu Katchè
Programming: David Bottrill, Richard Blair
Djembe: Babacar Faye
Tama: Assane Thiam
Surdu: Hossam Ramzy
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar (epiphone): Leo Nocentelli
Vocals:Peter Hammill, Richard Macphail, Ayub Ogada
Keyboards, Bass, Keys, Programming: PG

8. Fourteen Black Paintings
Djembe: Babacar Faye
Talking Drum: Assane Thiam
Surdu, BAss and Keyboards: John Paul Jones
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar (Dobro): Daniel Lanois
Mandolin: Richard Evans
Doudouk: Levon Minassiann
Violin: Shankar
Programming, additional Keys: PG
Mix Engineer: Richard Evans

9.Kiss That Frog
Programming:Richard Blair
Additional Programming: David Bottrill
Additional Percussion Loop: The Adzido Drummers
Senegalese Shakers: Manny Elias
Guitar: David Rhodes
Vocals: Marylin McFarlane
Percussion, Programming, Keyboards Bass, Keys,Harmonica: PG

10: Secret World
Electronic Drums, Percussion: Manu Katchè
Programming: David Bottrill
Drum Loop: Doudou N'Diaye Rose
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes
Guitar (Telecaster and Dobro): Daniel Lanois
Cello: Caroline Lavelle
Additional Synth Cello: Malcolm Burn
Programming, Keyboards Bass, Keys,Mexicane Flute: PG
Additional Production Ideas: Malcolm Burn

Peter Gabriel - UP - 2002

Drums: Manu Katche, Dave Power
Percussion: Mahut Dominique, Ged Lynch, Richard Chappell
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitars: David Rhodes
The London Session Orchestra: Strings
String Arrangement: Peter Gabriel, Will Gregory
Orchestration: Nick Ingham
Programming: Richard Chappell
Additional Programming: Alex Swift
Bosendorfer, Mutator, Keys, JamMan, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

Growing Up
Drums: Ged Lynch, Manu Katche
Percussion: Ged Lynch
Guitars: David Rhodes
Backing Vocals: AD Chivers, David Rhodes
Tape Scratching: Tchad Blake
Programming: Richard Chappell
Additional Programming: Pete Davis, Alex Swift
Organ, Sample Keys, Bass Keys, JamMan and MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

Additional Production by Steve Osborne

Sky Blue
Drums: Manu Katche
Percussion: Ged Lynch, Daniel Lanois
Bass: Tony Levin
Guitars: David Rhodes, Daniel Lanois, Peter Green
Hammond: David Sancious
Additional Vocals: The Blind Boys Of Alabama
Programming: Richard Chappell
Additional Prgramming: Alex Swift
Backing Vocals: David Rhodes, Melanie Gabriel
Firefly Keys, Bosendorfer, Bass Pulse, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

Samples taken from original track Produced by Daniel Lanois and Engineered by David Bottrill

No Way Out
Drums: Dominic Greensmith, Steve Gadd
Tablas: Hossam Ramzy
Percussion: Ged Lynch
Bass: Tony Levin
Double Bass: Danny Thompson
Guitars: David Rhodes
Supercollider Drum Programming: Chris Hughes
Middle Section Backwards Piano: Mitchell Froome
Recorders: Richard Evans
Programming: Richard Chappell
Piano, Sample Keys, Harmonium, Arpeggiated Bass, Tom Toms, Crotales, Telecaster, JamMan, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

I Grieve
Drums: Manu Katche
Percussion: Ged Lynch, Will White, Stephen Hague
Bass: Tony Levin
Electric Guitar: David Rhodes
Acoustic Guitar: Richard Evans
Double Violin (Improvised): Shankar
Spectre Programming: Chuck Norman
Bridge Strings: Chuck Norman
Programming: Richard Chappell
Samples, Keys, Bass Keys: Peter Gabriel

Produced: Peter Gabriel and Stephen Hague
Mixed: Stephen Hague and Richard Evans

The Barry Williams Show
Drums: Manu Katche, Ged Lynch
Percussion: Ged Lynch
Guitar: David Rhodes
Backwards Guitar: Tony Berg
Bass: Tony Levin
Trumpet: Christian Le Chevretel
Backing Vocals: David Rhodes, Sally Larkin
Groove Treatment: Tchad Blake
Treated Loop: Richard Chappell
Programming: Richard Chappell
Reverse Strings, Mellotron, Organ, Bass Keys, Harmonica, Chorus Telecaster, String Samples, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

My Head Sounds Like That
Drums: Manu Katche
Percussion: Assane Thiam, Ged Lynch, Mahut Dominique, Hossam Ramzy
Guitars: David Rhodes
Bass: Tony Levin
Brass: The Black Dyke Mills Band
Brass Arrangement: Peter Gabriel, Ed Shearmur, Bob Ezrin
Loop Manipulation: Richard Chappell
Programming: Richard Chappell
Piano, Mellotron: Peter Gabriel

More Than This
Drums: Dominic Greensmith. Ged Lynch
Percussion: Ged Lynch
Guitar: David Rhodes
Bass: Tony Levin
Mandolin, Chamberlain: John Brion
Backing vocals: Blind Boys of Alabama, David Rhodes, Melanie Gabriel
Programming: Richard Chappell
Organ, Sampled Guitar, Piano, Wonky Nord, Mutator, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

Signal To Noise
Drums: Steve Gadd
Dohl drums: The Dohl Foundation
Percussion: Ged Lynch, Steve Gadd
Guitars: David Rhodes
Strings: The London Session Orchestra
String Arrangement: Peter Gabriel, Will Gregory
Orchestration: Nick Ingham
Additional Vocals: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Backing Vocals: David Rhodes
Programming: Richard Chappell
Oxford Backwards Samples, Mellotron, SansAmp, MPC Groove, Bass Keys: Peter Gabriel

The Drop
Bosendorfer: Peter Gabriel
Programming: Richard Chappell
Mixed: Richard Chappell



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